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Green tea has been known for its health benefit

Green tea has been one of the most favorite drinks in Asia for centuries. As I grew up in Japan, green tea has been a part of my life. It has been appreciated not just as a drink, but embraced in many Japanese social occasions and communications. People welcome guests serving cups of hot green tea, and send nice seasonal green tea gifts to their friends who they care about.
I will talk about Japanese green tea "Nihoncha" or simply "ocha" tea in this web site. Let's enjoy ocha, and enhance your life in healthy ways.

Start up your day with a cup of green tea

I'll give you some tips to make green tea drinking your healthy daily habit. Replacing coffee with green tea will help you kick start a day in a good mood. Caffeine in green tea won't exhaust you like coffee does, and help you regulate your blood sugar level. And stop drinking those caffeine-bombed energy drinks. They will work for a while, then bring you down to a point of exhaustion afterward.

Tea bag vs loose green tea leaves

If you're rookie, you can buy easy to use tea bags. But their taste may be bitter, since the quality is low. Don't be discouraged by it. It is quite simple to brew loose green tea. The better quality ones comes loose in bags, and with wonderful different flavors. Just like wine, it may take a while to find your favorite one. Some of those good ones are simply sold inside of Japan, yet thanks to the internet, you may be able to access to those.
image of nihon cha

Green tea news

Scientists already know that green tea contains anti-oxidants which may have a protective effect against cancer. But now they have discovered that chemicals in the tea also shut down a key molecule which can play a significant role in the development of cancer.

It's likely that the compounds in green tea act through many different pathways Professor Thomas GasiewiczThe molecule, known as the aryl hydrocarbon (AH) receptor, has the ability to activate genes - but not always in a positive way.

Tobacco smoke and dioxins, in particular, disrupt the functioning of the molecule and cause it to trigger potentially harmful gene activity. The researchers, from Rochester University, found that two chemicals in green tea inhibit AH activity.(BBC NEWS)
image of leaf from Japan

Green tea books

So you need more detailed information about health benefit and scientific proof?

"Green Tea Health Benefits and Applications" (Food Science and Technology) is written by DR. Yukihiko Hara. You can learn new research and scientific validation of the health benefits of green tea.

Another book is called "Health Effects of Tea and its Catechins"is written by Yukiaki Kuroda. You can find comprehensive overview of the historical use of green tea and a description of its benefits.


There are a lot of different kind green tea bags sold in grocery stores. Those are generally named "green tea." Green tea comes with different flavor depending on how they treat and process tea leaf. Simply called "green tea" could be cheap and accessible, yet there is a world of flavors to explore!